TMS – Round 3 – Short Treatment

Hi guys!! Well, I’m two days late with my second week of posting. And, believe it or not, this is my last week of treatment for a few weeks. Sadly, due to unexpected circumstances, I can’t afford my co-pay for a few weeks. So Cal TMS has graciously offered to let me make payments, but I’d rather be able to pay as I go. So, I’m waiting to see how this month goes at work, and what I might be getting paid next month. But there is good news……..

I forgot that I had “highs & lows” during my first two treatments. I honestly don’t think I did during the first round, because I was SOOOO LOW that any little sign of going up or getting better was a pure blessing. I remember them telling me that it is very common for most during the first couple of weeks, but I didn’t remember it. Tracy, my original tech, assured me that I did experience this the second time – and again, totally normal.

So this time I noticed it – for the first week and a half. It wasn’t bad, but it scared me. I wondered for a moment if maybe it wouldn’t work for me this time?? Then poof – last Thursday the lows stopped, and I noticed the great things again. I was able to let things go faster, less looping, more energy, laughing more, getting more done in a day – all of the things that had been slowly but surely slipping away from me. The best part being that TMS is still the ONE THING that always works for me – and it doesn’t take long. If this wasn’t my third time going through this, there is NO WAY I would put off the balance of the days in this round. However, I know it works for me, and quickly, and I know that it’s already helped me immensely in just three short weeks (and I mean short – 4 days a week twice, 3 days a week once). So starting back up to finish in a few weeks is a good thing – not a scary thing.

Please friends – share this treatment option with anyone you know who may be suffering. I would surely not be here now if it wasn’t for TMS. Contact me, or So Cal TMS Center – reach out and ask the questions. It could save your life or the life of someone you love.



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