Intense Dreaming

Ugh……….yesterday was painful. Physically, that is. It started with me getting up at 4:45am for a family yard sale. Keep in mind, getting up early is not new to me. For 4 years I got up at 3:15am for work, everyday. Then at 5:15am for 3 years or so. But yesterday, WOW. I woke up, not feeling much different than I do most mornings – groggy, sluggish, icky, and in need of COFFEE. I did my thing – meds, coffee, and staring blankly at the TV and iPad back and forth. Left the house at 5:45am, and headed to the yard sale. After an hour or so, I usually start coming to life – but not yesterday. I trudged through, still achy, mostly foggy…….

Came home around noon, and went to bed; thinking that more sleep would help. Woke up around 3-ish in the afternoon, feeling worse. Super achy, very blah, and feeling queasy. I ate, digested for a while, and decided to watch TV in my room – on my bed.

Bottom line, I rested the entire rest of the day and night. I slept a lot. Which, would have been fabulous, if it hadn’t been for the DREAMING.

This is what I do – I dream. I’ve always been a wild dreamer. But lately, my dreams seem constant, endless, and stirring. Not necessarily nightmares, but they still stick with me somewhere in the back of my head. I have no proof, but I truly believe this is why I’m tired so much of the time. My mind doesn’t seem to want to rest at night.

Then, after more thinking, it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, my dreams are more intense because my brain isn’t constantly crazy during the day anymore. I’ve reached the point where my brain isn’t incessantly blasting me with thoughts every moment of the day. So now, when I have less control, it’s blasting me at night. Perhaps? Note to self – talking to the doctor on Tuesday.

I’ve been awake for about an hour and a half this morning. I feel like I’m better than yesterday, so far. The fog is lifting, and I don’t feel as bad physically. Which is good, because I have stuff to do today!

My point of all of this is………..the brain is a crazy, powerful thing. The more I ponder the depths, the more awestruck I am. It makes it all happen, and then some. Most of which we can try to maintain, train, control, or alter. But dreaming? I don’t know how to “tame” that. Needless to say, I’ll be doing some research, because that’s what I do.

Any suggestions from my friends? Just curious if anyone else has experienced this to such a distracting point.

Talk soon friends…………



2 thoughts on “Intense Dreaming

  1. I totally get the dreaming thing, I do the same thing. And it seems like my dreams just haunt me all day long, some times I just want to go back to sleep to finish up the dream. And yes I think it does make a difference on how you feel in the morning.

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